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We give paramount importance to developing User Friendly web solutions combined with appealing visuals which is fundamental to the success of a website.  The majority of people will not wait more than 8 seconds to open up a website and within 3 mouse clicks will decide whether the website fulfills their requirements - First impressions COUNT!

Cutting Edge Web Solutions & Creative Design

Our core business is creating cutting edge websites with a main focus on the hospitality industry.  These include Hotels, Destination Management Companies, Heritage sites, Language Schools, Restaurants and more.   In addition to the hospitality sector and due to increased client requests our portfolio also includes websites for Exclusive Luxury Residences, Building Contractors, Land & Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, Food Distributors, Hi-Fi & Appliance Distributors, Robotics & Vision Systems Suppliers, Interiors & Finishings Suppliers and more.

Our team has carried out extensive research on User Friendly web solutions.  The four elements that are crucial to develop a User Centred design include:

  • How a website ‘Looks’ – The Graphic Design of the website.
  • How a website ‘Works’  – The Programming of the website.
  • How a website ‘Acts’ – The Usability of the website.
  • How a website ‘Feels’ – The Marketing of the website.

Palazzo Prince d'Orange

The Palazzo Prince D’Orange, is an award winning 17th Century baroque Palazzo located in the historic city of Valletta. This Palazzo has been renovated to a very high standard, offering  luxury design and timeless suites. The website design reflects the ...

We are very pleased with the service received from Hospitality Web Systems (HWS).  Frankie, Krista and the rest of the team are great.  They offer a professional product in a friendly manner and they blend efficiency wi...

Martin Zarb Financial Controller Mellieha Bay Hotel

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