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Increase your Database, Likes, SEO and Bookings!

As a company we have worked alongside hoteliers for a number of years and we are aware of the requirements and challenges that this industry has to face.

Your Mailing Database

Are you one of those hotels who does not take full advantage of repeat clients? Do you use the data on your registration cards to entice repeat visits?
Many a time this database is not fully utilised or compiled properly. We can assist with all this and more.

Your Systems

Even if you do have an efficient database, a hotelier has to be very careful that his or her e-mail address is not black listed.
The right mailing system has to be used in a controlled and scheduled manner to avoid blacklisting and un subscribes.
We can provide you with various solutions.

Your Branding

Do you send out mail shots which truly reflect your brand?  Are the designs of the mail shot template professional?
How are these mail shots  opened in the various email inboxes used by clients, such as Outlook, Gmail etc.?
Our mail shots are of the highest design quality like our web sites. These are built to minimise bandwidth, increase user visibility and entice bookings.

Increasing LIKES in FACEBOOK

We have partnered with an international lottery to provide you with unique technologies to help you attract likes and mail subscribers. At the same time we will create positive PR from the campaign which will equate to increased bookings.

PR distribution

On-line PR is valuable. We have the people to generate it, the systems to distribute it and the knowledge on how to best take advantage of this PR. One of which is Search Engine optimisation.
Work with the hospitality professionals.

Contact us today and increase your Database, Likes, SEO and Bookings