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Videos are a virtual ‘experience’ of your products/services. Your Youtube page can be customised to ensure you stand out and have one branded online presence which compliments that of your website design. We can change the size, the font, the colour and other features of the Youtube player. Whether you are promoting a product, your location or other related feature you will be adding to the user’s browsing experience.

We can also embed your Youtube videos  onto a ‘Videos’ page within your own website to offer your website visitors the virtual ‘experience’ of your products/services directly from your own website.  

This is an example of what we have done for one of our esteemed clients – The British Hotel

Click here to view the British Hotel Youtube Page Live

Customising your video player

  • A video filmed in HD when embedded into your website can be shared in that way by choosing the HD option alternatively one can opt to view in a lower resolution.
  • The colour of the video player can be customised from a vast array of colours and this method will be adapted to the status bar of the video player and also to the border of the video player (another optional feature).
  • The video player sized can be adapted to suit your taste or style of your website page, you can go bigger or smaller.
  • There are just so many ways of how you can customise and tweak this tool. You can choose whether to auto play the video, loop or start it in the middle, whether you wish to display or hide captions and much more.

Get in touch to find out more about how you can customise your online videos.