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We have been working on search engine optimisation for over nine years and our experience in handling various clients has given us the knowledge required for success in positioning.

Search engines connect consumers with providers on the internet, allowing Users to find exactly what they want and when they want it.  Just like a super charged 'Yellow Pages' directory.

Where your website is positioned on a search engine (top or bottom) makes all the difference to being found on the internet. Your website needs to be positioned where your customer is, in order to increase the amount of new visitors to your website.  The higher your positioning the better. 'Positioning', one of the four Ps of marketing, is therefore an integral component of the marketing mix.

Obtaining good positioning on Search engines is not an easy job.   It requires careful planning, months of work and constant monitoring in order to begin seeing results.  Our dedicated team carry out extensive research on a daily basis in order to keep up with dynamic search engine strategies.

The way a website is built is one of the factors that effects search engine positioning.  The systems HWS offers are built to be search engine friendly (easier for search engines to find and register the website pages) in order to be found on search engines.  We give this factor paramount importance. Based on our past experience with the creation of the search engine strategy for Corinthia Hotels International, as well as, strategies we are currently implementing on an ongoing basis, we have proved to be successful in this area.

Get in touch with us to request your search engine optimisation (SEO) analysis and proposal.

Check out our clients successful rating on page 1 of Google being the ones highlighted in red below.