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The importance of good photography on your website is absolutely imperative as this is what will leave a lasting impact on potential customers.

HWS offers a professional photography service from the organisation pre photo-shoot, right through to the execution of the project. Having invested in a new website you will want to make sure that once you attract those potential clients, you WOW them over and secure a booking. That “WOW” starts with professional photography which will compliment an innovative website design.

Is the image you are projecting about your business, accurate and compelling?
Does it communicate your message?

Having consulted with yourselves about your requirements and together with our expert advice on what we propose to be included in the photo-shoot,  we will stage and customise photos specifically for your website.  Both our photographer and creative director will work hand in hand to ensure the process runs smoothly and efficiently. We pride ourselves in offering a well organised highly professional all round service.

Our photographer is dedicated to producing photos that will “sell your product” focusing on your specific unique selling points.

Click on the thumbnails within the Gallery below to sample a few of our photography projects.