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At just a click of a button you can inform your customers within minutes that you are hosting a special event, promoting a new menu, product or special offer.

We can provide you with a versatile newsletter solution that makes all the above possible.  Also giving you and your customers the best possible marketing experience.

The newsletter system is a tool which permits you to send email messages to virtually an unlimited number of contact groups. The system allows you the possibility to personalise the layout of the message, its format and to also set the time of its dispatch.

You will have a revolutionary newsletter solution, which when linked to the usual and indispensable functions also allows you the possibility to track and analyze the result of the message sent,  thanks to a suite of statistical reports.

An addressee is added via a subscription form through your website or via an existing database that has full names and email addresses. The system also retains the contacts in a well organised database, categorised in user definable groups, easily searchable by keywords and filters.

It has import and export functions which allow you to easily control and manage the passage of data to and from existing systems in different standardised formats.

It automatically checks the validity of email addresses at server level, reducing the number of bounce-back messages to a minimum and every newsletter sent out will be stored for any future reference.

It allows you to:

  1. Manage contact list and subscriber
    Import your list of contacts and categories into Groups and Sub Groups.
  2. Create and compose your e-mail
    Compose you message in a custom designed template or import an HTML file.
  3. Send your e-mail
    Test, tweak and schedule your message to send, to either a group or a targeted list based on previous response.
  4. Track and analyze reports
    View detailed reports on user interactions. Who displayed or click on which link. Compare performance of different campaigns.
  5. Follow-up
    Shortlist your leads for sale conversion or follow-up campaigns.

And here are some of the benefits:

  1. It enhances your company’s reputation and increases lead generation.
  2. It is very cost efficient and a cost effective system for your clients.
  3. It leverages your marketing efforts and increases lifetime value of your clients.
  4. It provides a higher response rate.
  5. It serves as a positive reinforcement to the media.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our e-newsletter solution.