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Website copywriting is all about persuasion. To effectively “persuade”, specialist care has to be dedicated to the way you deliver your message. This message will impact your business image, credibility and the overall first impression that you make on your visitors.

The combination of your website's copywriting and design will have either of the following two outcomes:
Drive new visitors to action or send new visitors to the competition.

Website copywriting is not just about text editing or information deployment. Plain information will not effectively sell or promote your brand.  To do this your website content must engage the visitors, capture their attention, stimulate their curiosity and build the basic relationships needed for the marketing process.

HWS can provide you with content writing services for your online business. We will create content specifically designed to appeal to your customers on logical, emotional and personal levels.

Picture your website like a furniture showroom.  If the showroom is empty or filled with old outdated furniture, not many potential customers will stop and shop.  Having outdated or unappealing content on your site has the same negative effect on visitors.

As you are aware, most websites that have used a professional graphic designer are far more attractive than those that used amateurs.  The same applies to content writing.  Professional writing gives your website a more professional feel.  Our general copy writing services can also increase your sales by helping your site visitors to better understand the benefits of what you’re offering. 

At HWS we have the expertise of good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) copywriting techniques to create content that will improve your search engine positioning for your targeted search terms.  Our experienced copywriter creates content that is well-researched, on-topic and search engine friendly.  We seamlessly fold keyword phrases into content that flows smoothly for the reader.